PYLE PLCM36 3.5'' Auto Backup Camera

Published: 14th February 2011
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Technical Details

• Screen Description: - Auto Switching - Camera Description: - Low Light Illumination: 1.5LUX/ F1.2

• 3.5''slim TFT LCD Stand Monitor - Brightness: 200CD/M2 - Output Standard: PAL/NTSC Compatible - Video Output: RCA 1.0 VPP composite video @ 75OHM

• Automatically Switched On When Reversing - Contrast ratio: 200:1 - High Resolution: 380TV lines x 60 fields - Power Supply: Dc12v

• Two Video Inputs - Dimensions: 3.7''W x 3.3''H x 0.67''D - Image Sensor: OV7910 color CMOS - Temperature: -10~ 50 Celsius

• PAL/NTSC Compatible - - Lens: 6MM 92 degree - Unit Dimensions: 1.3''H x 8''W x 1.26''D

Product Description

This kit includes a nightvision-capable rear view camera and monitor for your vehicle. The camera installs easily above your license plate and outputs crystal clear video over an RCA jack. Connect to the included 3.5" monitor in your car, and you’ll be able to see everything behind you on the screen! Perfect for backing into tight spots or moving in reverse when visibility is limited – it’s like having an extra eye. And this model comes with nightvision LEDs, which illuminate the area behind you at night. This small and durable unit will keep you safe and secure because you’ll always know what’s going on around you.

Customers Comments

By R. Graham

This Pyle PLCM36 3.5" TFT LCD Backup Camera and Monitor is my first backup camera system purchase. Vision behind my Dodge Sprinter HighTop van is poor because of my wheelchair lift. I have a friend who had an after market backup system in her Toyota Tacoma for $500+. The display (monitor) in her Toyota is in the center of the mirror. Her Toyota uuit is no doubt "better quality" although she could find or produce any specs for her camera or mirror monitor. Seeing her system sent me on a search for my own backup system.

I think this unit, camera and monitor, are as good as her Toyota install setup. The PLCM36 system is wired to be activated and display what the camera sees when you put your vehicle in reverse. The camera is wired to connect to the hot 12v wire connecting to your backup lights. I opted to wire the camera and monitor through the fuse block and have both come on and stay on as long as the key is inserted into the ignition. It functions as a backup monitor and a rear view display while you drive. Default installation of the camera bracket is on the license tag. I mounted mine behind the rear bumper of the van with the camera peeking through a 3/4" hole in the bumper. A thief can destroy the camera but not steal it without calling attention to him/herself. It makes for a very clean, almost invisible installation.

By Ingrid C. Brown

Item didn't come with instructions. Website stated "manual coming". Overall, it has a clear view, (needs to be cleaned when it rains) and it serves the purpose.

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